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Dr. Jason D. Bates

Director of Model Development

Dr. Jason D. Bates is the Director of Model Development at SCG Asset Management. He has more than 15 years’ experience in statistical and mathematical modeling across a variety of roles in academia, finance, and corporate. He has led projects designing quantitative models for wholesale energy markets, corporate loan portfolios, and space-based manufacturing and assembly of satellites. Prior to joining SCG Asset Management, Jason worked as a freelance professional consultant for Citibank, where he built models to assist with understanding model risk and meeting regulatory stress testing requirements. He was also a consultant for the Tampa Bay Rays, where he developed new ways of assessing player performance to assist with in-game decision making. Before becoming a consultant, he was a lead scientist at GE Research, working on numerous projects including jet turbine design, additive manufacturing, renewable energy, and financial modeling. Jason earned a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Wake Forest University, where he studied Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity. He earned a BS in Physics from Sam Houston State University.